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Lucy The Review


Lucy is an action packed science fiction movie directed by Luc Besson. It was released in July 2014 and managed to pull to its side a lot of viewers. Like most modern action packed movies, the effects are superb, and the graphics/visuals excellent. The sound quality is awesome. The setting is modern and in a world where people run all sorts of businesses to make it big. It is in an age where science has advanced towards finding ways of enhancing the ability of the brain to function in its full capacity. The movie stars Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman, two of Hollywood’s best performers.

It was shot in three cities; Taipei, Paris and New York. Since its release, it has grossed over $ 458 million over its budget sum of $ 40 million. Johansson’s performance in the movie was excellent contributing to its success. The movie has an intriguing theme but many reviewers assert the plot is absurd.
The plot is about Lucy (Scarlett Johansson), a 25 year old American lady who gains the ability of utilizing over 10% of her brain power after some special drugs planted in her by a drug cartel (the system) burst open. She is sold out as a mule to the cartel by her boyfriend, who is shot dead right in front of her. Things just go awry for the cartel when the bags in her abdomen split releasing their substance into her blood stream. She gains superhuman abilities as her genes transform.

lucyLucy changes from a simple gullible lady to a strong and fierce one. She brings down the entire cartel. She begins to research into her condition and contacts one renowned scientist and researcher Professor Samuel Norman (Morgan Freeman) who explains to her what she is going through. She realizes that she needs more of the drugs to enhance her new ability. She finds all the other packs of the drug available and injects them into her system. She acquires the full capacity of her brain power and disintegrates into space and time. She leaves behind a flash drive for Norman that contains all that man need to know about our world and what to do with it. She becomes the ultimate intelligence.

I believe new viewers will love this movie, especially with Morgan Freeman playing the role of a wise, intelligent and knowledgeable man. There are however a few flaws in the movie. It has no sense of danger and suspense due to the invincibility of the heroine. Her abilities just kill the drama. The movie falls in the same category as Transcendence, Limitless and a few others.

The idea behind the movie is to portray what the human brain can do, based on findings about its function. Besson read about some of these findings which intrigued her. Her idea was to share this knowledge in an entertaining way instead of making a documentary out of it. I recommend “Lucy” to all fans of action and science fiction movies.

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What You Should Know About 7D Cinema Theatre?

7D Cinema Theatre

People always want to experience something new and very exciting. This is one of the main reasons, why people love watching movies in theatres. Nowadays, movies feature extra ordinary action scenes, imaginary worlds and other stunning things, which are quite thrilling to watch. The invention of 3D technology in movies in the recent past has received tremendous response from the audiences. Still, many 3D movies are coming and they make the movies more interesting to watch.
Like many other industry cinema industry is also evolving from time to time. Many developments have made watching cinema more exciting and enthralling. Advanced sound effects, animations, computer graphics are some of the factors that made cinema more interesting. The latest development in the world of cinema is 7D technology. As the name says, 7D cinema can bring in the 7 dimensional effects, allowing you dive into the virtual reality world.
The setup of 7d cinema theatre is highly different from the usual cinema theatres. 7D cinema theatres has special screen, special effect seats, special projectors, sound system/speakers and control system. When you are watching a 7D cinema, your chair/seat moves or vibrates according to the situation in the movie. The seats are specially engineered to co-ordinate with the scenes of the movie. For example, if scene features smoke or snow, then you will also have smoke or snow effect inside the cinema hall. In this way, a 7D cinema gives a highly realistic experience. Though 7D cinemas are lesser known to people, such cinemas are gaining immense popularity among the masses. In many western or developed countries, 7D cinema theatre has become a major attraction. Such cinemas are located at malls, museums, entertainment facilities, etc.
In India, 7D cinemas are becoming so popular. For the owners of malls and entertainment facilities, 7D cinema has become a profit generating thing. That’s because 7D cinema theatres have garnered great number of audiences, thus helping to earn more profits. Nowadays, many entertainment facility owners consider to have a 7D cinema in premises. As mentioned earlier, constructing a 7D theatre is different ball game. One has to hire a good company that specializes in manufacturing and setting up 7D theatres.
If you search the Internet, you would see many companies offering service for 7D theatre equipment and installation. However, to have best 7D theatre, you need to hire a best company. Finding the best manufacturer for 7D cinema equipment may not be a difficult task with the Internet. You can carry out your own research to find out the best 7d cinema theatre manufacturer India. Now let’s see how to find the good manufacturer.7D Cinema
First, you need to visit the website of the company and read the information about their services. A company website should clearly explain what they do and what they specialize in. By going through the company website, you should be able to know how long they are into the business and their specialties. A manufacturer should not only be good at providing equipment, but should be effective offering long term support. The 7D theatres have to be maintained and services appropriately. Therefore, you need to make sure that the manufacturer you are choosing can offer a best after the installation of all equipment. The company should be to send good technicians and have spare parts available every time when you demand.
7D theatres are sure to grab the attention of kids to adults. And people will love to visit the theatres again and again. Therefore, having a 7D theatre can be a highly profitable and profit generating machine for entrepreneurs. Therefore, you can surely think about starting a 7D theatre.