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Nightlife and Entertainment at Tirunelveli


Tirunelveli is a very interesting place to visit. Its nightlife is fun and entertaining, with theatres that show many cultural and musical performances. Unlike cities in Europe and America, it has very few pubs and clubs. The south Indian city has very good restaurants that operate at night and serve some of the best foods, sweets and drinks. It is worthwhile spending a few days in it to explore its nightlife.
Arunagiri: Tirunelveli National Theatre

In the centre of Tirunelveli sits the Arunagiri National Theatre in which a variety of rich cultural performances take place. Various dance forms and art are displayed in this theatre. Dancing is a very important part of the Hindu religion and every dance form is worship to a god. The dance moves speak volumes and tell whole stories. The most popular dance and oldest form of performing arts in the whole of India is Bharatanatyam which is also displayed in Arunagiri. This is a complex dance made up of a combination of many different art styles. Performances go on in the theatre every night, and those who love to enjoy nightlife, will never be bored. Tickets for performances are usually sold out even hours before they start. The puppet show, Bommalattam, which is famous in Tirunelveli and villages around India is also performed in the theatre.
Ganesh Theatre

India is known for its strong movie industry and internationally recognized movie stars. Bollywood movies are popular in and outside India. The Ganesh theatre in Tirunelveli shows 2 or 3 Bollywood movies every night. The place is usually filled to capacity. The theatre is beautifully designed and cozy with its inner walls covered with photos of famous Bollywood stars.

The Roche Complex

hotelThe Roche Complex is one of the most interesting places in Tirunelveli to hang out at night. What makes the Roche Complex popular is the country club on its first floor. At the club, guests can order something good to eat or drink while chatting with friends. Every guest is treated like a king or queen. The waiters give you more than you request. The music is not so loud and the atmosphere is very serene.

Annapoorna Hotel

In Tirunelveli are very good hotels with pretty nice restaurants and bars. The Annapoorna Hotel which is in the city centre has a nice Indian restaurant and disco which takes you back in time, into the 70s and 80s of Indian dance music. It is one of the few places in the city where a disco is found. The place is lively enough to entertain you all night.

RR Inn Hotel

RR Inn Hotel is a nice place to lodge. It has a roof top restaurant that is very popular among tourists. The restaurant serves mouth-watering dishes and runs 24 hours, 7 days a week. With soft soothing music in the background, you get to relax, eat and drink to your full. The place is even more interesting at night with a view of the dark skies above and that of the brightly lit city.