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Lucy The Review


Lucy is an action packed science fiction movie directed by Luc Besson. It was released in July 2014 and managed to pull to its side a lot of viewers. Like most modern action packed movies, the effects are superb, and the graphics/visuals excellent. The sound quality is awesome. The setting is modern and in a world where people run all sorts of businesses to make it big. It is in an age where science has advanced towards finding ways of enhancing the ability of the brain to function in its full capacity. The movie stars Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman, two of Hollywood’s best performers.

It was shot in three cities; Taipei, Paris and New York. Since its release, it has grossed over $ 458 million over its budget sum of $ 40 million. Johansson’s performance in the movie was excellent contributing to its success. The movie has an intriguing theme but many reviewers assert the plot is absurd.
The plot is about Lucy (Scarlett Johansson), a 25 year old American lady who gains the ability of utilizing over 10% of her brain power after some special drugs planted in her by a drug cartel (the system) burst open. She is sold out as a mule to the cartel by her boyfriend, who is shot dead right in front of her. Things just go awry for the cartel when the bags in her abdomen split releasing their substance into her blood stream. She gains superhuman abilities as her genes transform.

lucyLucy changes from a simple gullible lady to a strong and fierce one. She brings down the entire cartel. She begins to research into her condition and contacts one renowned scientist and researcher Professor Samuel Norman (Morgan Freeman) who explains to her what she is going through. She realizes that she needs more of the drugs to enhance her new ability. She finds all the other packs of the drug available and injects them into her system. She acquires the full capacity of her brain power and disintegrates into space and time. She leaves behind a flash drive for Norman that contains all that man need to know about our world and what to do with it. She becomes the ultimate intelligence.

I believe new viewers will love this movie, especially with Morgan Freeman playing the role of a wise, intelligent and knowledgeable man. There are however a few flaws in the movie. It has no sense of danger and suspense due to the invincibility of the heroine. Her abilities just kill the drama. The movie falls in the same category as Transcendence, Limitless and a few others.

The idea behind the movie is to portray what the human brain can do, based on findings about its function. Besson read about some of these findings which intrigued her. Her idea was to share this knowledge in an entertaining way instead of making a documentary out of it. I recommend “Lucy” to all fans of action and science fiction movies.

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  1. I liked this movie very much, usually I dont prefer to watch such fiction movie. I had been to this movie on request of my hubby, and to be frank now its one of my favorite movie. Hahaha

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